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How to: Transfer MISys Manufacturing Server to a new Machine


You've purchased a new Server and wish to move your MISys installation from the old Server to the new one. In order to do this you will need some assistance from MISys Customer Service and/or Technical Support in order to re-Activate your system.

The following steps discuss the general flow that is required when you're ready to switch servers. Please review them and contact MISys Technical Support for further clarification if needed:

  1. Verify that all Users have logged out of MISys and then go to your current Server.

  2. Log into the MISys Server Administration and click on the Companies tab.

  3. Select your Company. 

  4. Backup your company by using Backup or Backup As button.

  5. Click Save and verify that you get a confirmation that the backup was successful. Be sure to navigate to the actual backup file to ensure that you're able to locate the backup of your database.

  6. Repeat steps 3-5 if you have more than 1 company.

  7. Copy the database backup file to a shared drive (or removable media such as a flash/thumb drive) that you'll be able to access from the other (new) Server machine.

  8. Install MISys on your new Server Machine.

  9. Contact Customer Service at (802.457.4600) and let them know what you're doing and that you need to have your Hardware Key reset because you're changing Server machines.

  10. Once MISys has reset your Hardware Key, log into the MISys Server Administration on the new Server and go to the Licenses Tab. 

  11. Enter your Serial Number and click Save.

  12. Go to the Owner Tab and click Activate.

  13. Navigate to the Licenses Tab and click Update from MISys.

  14. Select the System Tab and Click Get Program Updates (to update your system to the current version if not already).

  15. Go to the Companies Tab and click the New button.

  16. Select your live company from the drop down menu and create it.

  17. Your Company will then be created and appear on the Companies Tab.

  18. Move the backup file of your company database (from Step 7) to the local drive on this new Server (where your SQL Server is installed) and make note of the new location for the backup file. NOTE: Microsoft SQL Server does not allow you to restore databases across the Network, so your backup needs to be on a local drive, on the SQL Server.

  19. Highlight your Company ID and click Restore From.

  20. Navigate to the back up you just relocated in Step 18. NOTE: You will receive a confirmation prompt once the database has been restored.

  21. Change the Server Connection URL on all the Client Machines so that they are now pointing to your new Server (instead of the old one), by bringing up the MISys Client Log In form and then clicking Edit | Server Connection.

  22. At that point they should be able to Log in.

Once logged in, verify the data is all present. If you have any questions throughout this process, be sure to contact MISys Technical Support for assistance.

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