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Message: "Sage 50 Interface Error. Invalid character in the given encoding Line xxxxx, Position yy Filename: .."


This message indicates that function has encountered an invalid character in a Sage 50 field (Item Number, Description, Customer, etc...) that is not allowed in MISys Manufacturing.

Some common examples of characters that drive this error are copyright symbols, a degree symbol, any extended ASCII characters, etc. In general, anything that can't be naturally typed on the keyboard should be avoided.

Identify the character that's driving the error

1. With the error message still showing on the screen (before any more temp files are created) go to the temp file directory being referenced in the error.

For example this might be C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Temp.

2. Locate the most recent .TMP file in that folder.

3. Right click the file and select Open With and use Notepad (or another text editing application).

4. Navigate to the Line being referenced (in the error message) and count over to the character referenced as the position (counting tab as one character).

5. That will give you the problem character.

Note: If it is in a "Description" line the item ID will be the previous line.

Once you find that character you will want to remove it from that particular field in your Sage 50 database and try the process again.

NOTE: Be sure to review your Sage 50 data for further instances of the offending character.

If you need help with the .TMP file please contact MISys Technical Support for assistance.

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