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How To: Migrate Custom Reports from MISys Manufacturing 6.3/6.2/6.1 to v6.4.


Upgrading from MISys Manufacturing v6.x does not automatically convert your MISys Query reports and data. 

Perform the following steps from each machine that has any MISys Query Reports.

Stage 1 - Back up the existing v6.4 MISys Query files

1. Navigate to your ..\MISys SBM 6.4 Client\Reports\custom folder and backup the entire contents.

2. Backup the ..\MISys SBM 6.4 Client\MISys Query\Data folder.

Stage 2 - Move existing v6.3 (or v6.2/6.1) MISys Query Files

1. Navigate to the ..\MISys SBM 6.3 (or 6.2/6.1) Client\MISys Query\Data folder and copy all files except DATA.INI and all files starting with SFSCRIPT (SFSCRIPT.*).

2. Paste those files into ..\MISys SBM 6.4 Client\MISys Query\Data directory clicking yes to replace or overwrite when prompted.

Stage 3 - Copy existing custom reports

Log into the MISys Client and then go to Administration | Company Options | General Tab and check the path for Custom Reports.

If there is a path specified in Company Options you should not need to perform the following steps to get the report files (unless you added the path after upgrading MISys). Try printing them and contact MISys Technical Support with any problems.

If the path is blank this means you're loading Custom Reports locally and will need to perform the following steps at each machine that prints any custom reports:

1. Log out of MISys.

2. Navigate to the ..\MISys SBM 6.3 (or v6.2/6.1) Client\Reports\custom folder and Copy the folder \custom (by right-clicking on the \custom folder and selecting Copy).

3. Paste the \custom folder to ..\MISys SBM 6.4 Client\Reports directory (selecting yes to Replace or overwrite when you're prompted).

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