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Message: "User is Already Logged in."


You will normally receive this message while attempting to Log into the MISys Client or Server Administration function as a result of an irregular exit during a previous session. 

When you receive this error take the following steps:

1. Bring up the MISys Client log in and attempt logging into your company.

2. When you get the message User is already Logged in, click okay on the error message.

3. Click the Reset User button on the Log in form.

4. Try logging in again.

Reset User Button is Inactive

If the Reset User button on the MISys Client is not Active or the error message continues to come up, close the log in form and try the following:

1. Go to the Server Machine.

2. Log into the MISys Server Administration function (you’ll need the Server Admin password or ask your Server Administrator to assist).

3. Click on the Company Tab.

4. Click on the Reset Users button.

5. Highlight your User and click Reset, to clear your User.

6. Go back to your machine and try logging into the MISys Client again.

MISys Server Administration

If you receive this message while logging into the MISys Server Administration function, perform the following: 

1. Bring up the MISys Server Administration function.

2. Enter the Password from the Server Administration log in form (do not click Log in).

3. Hit the Tab key on your keyboard, and click Reset User.

Try logging in again.

NOTE: If you're getting this error after performing a new Install/Update of the MISys programs, see the following article:

If the problem remains or you receive a different error, contact MISys Technical Support for further assistance. 

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