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Message: "Access to the path ..\MISys\MISys SBM\MISys SBM 6.x Client\MISys.SBM.exe.config’ is denied."


This message indicates that the permissions have not been set properly for the MISys Client programs. As a result the User attempting to launch the MISys client application does not have access to the specified file (MISys.SBM.exe.config) in the path specified.

This could be a result of:

  • Running the install as a User who did not have local Admin rights.
  • Running the install with Anti Virus software running in the background.
  • A failure during the installation to set appropriate rights to the required directory.

Re-install the application with the required permissions

1. Log into the machine as a local Admin User. 

2. Disable any Anti Virus software that may be running in the background (be sure to check the system tray). 

3. Uninstall MISys from the client machine.

4. Re-install MISys.

Once this is done, try logging into MISys again. If you continue to have problems, proceed with the next steps.

Override existing permissions

1. Log into the machine as a User with Local Administrator rights.

2. Navigate to the MISys programs directory (by default this would be C:\Program Files\MISys or C:\Program Files(x86)\MISys – for 64 bit Operating Systems) then right click on the MISys folder and select Properties | Security Tab.

3. Make sure that the following Users are listed and they both have Full Control:

  • Authenticated Users
  • Network Service

If either User is not there, Add them and then grant them Full Control access.

4. Then Click Advanced for each User and then check the box at the bottom of the form that says Replace permission entries for all child objects with entries that apply to child objects (so that it is selected). This will propagate the security changes to the subdirectories.

5. Check the subdirectories (Security tab) to ensure that they all have Authenticated Users and Network Service Users listed with Full Control.

Launch the MISys Client and attempt to log in normally. If you continue to have problems, proceed with the next steps.

Force application to "Run as Administrator"

1. Locate the MISys Icon you use to launch the application.

2. Right Click on the Icon and select Run as Administrator.

Launch the MISys Client and attempt to log in normally. If you are able to log in, it indicates your permissions are inadequate. Refer to the above section. You can continue to "Run as Administrator, however, you should address the permissions when possible.

If you continue to have problems while attempting to log in, please contact MISys Technical Support.

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