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Using ODBC or accessing the MISys database directly


MISys uses a SQL Database engine that can be accessed in the same manner you would any other ODBC compliant database (Pervasive, ACCESS, etc...). To do so you will need the SQL Instance Name and the Log in parameters to get access to it.

If you're using the base SQL Express instance that's provided with the MISys installation, contact MISys Technical Support and request the Instance name and Log in parameters. 

If you're using your own SQL database engine, you'll have to get in touch with your Database Administrator and they should be able to provide you with the SQL Instance name and Log in parameters.

Creating a Crystal Report using an ODBC Data Source

1. Start by defining an ODBC Data Source to connect to your MISys Database using the SQL login parameters.

2. Open Crystal Reports and create a new report. 

3. Create a New Connection (you may find the Crystal Report Wizard prompts you for this).

4. Select ODBC (RDO) and then choose the Data Source you created in step 1.

5. Enter the appropriate log in parameters.

6. Select the database you wish to connect to.

7. Finish with any other selections/options you desire.

You can now go into Database | Database Expert and select your Data Source and then drill into the Tables menu to select the tables you wish to report on.

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