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Message: "Cannot find Sage 50 US Installation! Please open Sage 50 US and try again."


This message indicates that MISys is unable to communicate with the Sage 50 US Company you are referencing in MISys | Administration | Company Options | Accounting Tab.

You can get this message for any number of reasons including but not limited to:

An incorrect path to your Sage 50 Company file.

The Sage 50 User you are logged into Sage with doesn’t have the required permissions needed to integrate

There is restricted access to one or more of the Temp files/folders.


Verify that the path statements are in synch between Sage 50 US and MISys

1. Start by asking all users to Log out of both MISys and Sage 50.

2. Log into Sage 50 as an Admin User and go to Maintain | Company Information and make note of the path referenced here.

3. Log into the MISys Client (as an Admin User) | Administration | Company Options | Accounting tab and make note of the path referenced to your Sage 50 US Company. 

4. If they are different, make the paths identical.

5. Save the change and try integrating again.

If the paths are the same and you get the same error, continue with these steps.

Log into Sage 50 as the Administrator User

1. Once you've logged into the Sage 50 Company as the Administrator User, try integrating again.

If you receive the same error, proceed to Clean out your Temp folder below, otherwise, if you don’t receive an error while logged in as the Administrator in Sage 50, it could indicate that the Sage 50 User you were logged in with doesn’t have the required permissions Sage requires for integration with MISys.

Verify that the Sage 50 User you received the error with has the proper permissions by going into any MISys form and then hit F1 to access the MISys online help. Go to the Contents Tab | Integration Guides | Sage 50 US | Required Sage 50 US Accounting User Security.

This will detail the required permissions your Sage 50 Users need in order to integrate with MISys. Add any missing permissions to your Sage User and then try logging in again.

Clean out your Temp folder

MISys needs access to the temporary files that Sage 50 utilizes.

1. Log out of both MISys and Sage 50.

2. Click Start | Run | %temp% and click Go.

- This will take you to your Temp directory.

3.  Remove the contents of this folder (you may find some things cant be deleted, this is okay).

4. When completed, log back into MISys and Sage 50 and try the integration again.

If you continue to have problems contact MISys Technical Support for further assistance.

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