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How To: Perform a Crossgrade from MISys SAE to MISys Manufacturing


MISys allows all users of MISys SAE to "Crossgrade" to our latest version of MISys Manufacturing.

Preparation for the Crossgrade

1. The MISys SAE database must be at v5.4A or newer. If it is older, it will need to be converted to v5.4 (in ACCPAC System Manager) before crossgrading to MISys Manufacturing.

2. Perform a Data Integrity Check (w/fix selected) on the MISys SAE data and correct any errors.

Note: You want this to run cleanly with no errors. Contact MISys Technical Support for assistance with any errors.

Configure MISys Manufacturing to integrate with Sage ERP database

1. Log into the MISys Manufacturing Client | Administration | Company Options | Accounting Tab and select Sage ERP.

2. Choose the appropriate Database from the drop down and set any other options you use in your SAE data (for example, be sure to turn on other functionality that you also use in SAE such as SL Tracking, BOM Revision Control etc.)

3. Save your changes.

Perform the Crossgrade

1. Log into the MISys Manufacturing Client.

2. Click File | Import | MISys SAE (from the top of the MISys Manufacturing form). 

3. Set your default BOM Revision.

4. Specify the amount of History you wish to convert.

5. Click Proceed.

If you run into any errors or problems during the Crossgrade process, feel free to contact MISys Technical Support for assistance.

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