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New MISys Client Install is unable to connect to server


MISys Manufacturing Client machines use the URL defined in the Server Connection (of the Client Login form) to connect to the MISys Manufacturing Server. By default, this URL will be configured to use localhost. The URL needs to be changed to point to the server machine that is running the MISys Manufacturing Server component.

Editing the Server Connection from your Client Login screen

1. Launch the MISys Client by double clicking your MISys Client program icon.

2. From the Login form: click Edit | Server Connection (in the upper left corner of the form).

3. Select Internet or Intranet. The default URL is:


You want to change this to either:




4. Select the appropriate company and try Logging in.

Note: If you are not sure of the IP Address or Server Name and you already have other machines that are able to successfully log in, you can use the same URL that those workstations are using as a Server Connection parameter.

If you continue to have problems contact MISys Technical Support for assistance.

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