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QuickBooks Interface Error: There was an error when saving a Accounts list, element \"Checking\".


The error either indicates that the Account called "Checking" doesn’t exist in QuickBooks or when MISys attempts to automatically create the account, the account number is already being used.

To resolve this message, create an account in your QuickBooks General Ledger called "Checking" and then try processing again.

Specifically, when using a Sales Transfer Method set to Receipt/Return (MISys Client | Administration | Company Options | Accounting Tab), MISys facilitates the Sales Transfer of inventory quantities into QuickBooks by creating a Bill in QuickBooks for the quantities being moved from MISys and into QuickBooks. That Bill is then automatically discounted within QuickBooks.

In order to process the Discount, QuickBooks requires an Account called “Checking” which will always maintain a 0.00 balance. While this account will never have a MISys driven balance, it must exist in QuickBooks.

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