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How to: Prepare for using the Master Production Schedule


The Master Production Schedule is a Planning tool that allows you to consider your purchasing (Open POs) and your current Manufacturing (Released MOs and WOs) so that you can analyze what needs to be done based on your material requirements.
Specifically to help analyze what the effect will be on quantities of your Items and calculate what the demand will be based on anticipated usage.
In order for the Schedule to accurately drive planning events and requirements you will need to make sure that you have your Stocking Thresholds (for each Location) and Lead times entered as accurately as possible. With that in mind:

1. Data in the Schedule is Location Specific.

  • Make sure you've defined your Stocking Thresholds (Min, Max and Reorder) for all Items at their respective Locations (Items | Stock Tab | Locations Container at the bottom of the Tab). MISys uses these values to determine whether an Item is short based on the Shortage Basis you defined for the Schedule.

2. Make sure your Order Lead is set appropriately.

  • The Order Lead is defined for all purchased Items on the Stock Tab (in Master Files | Items). This is used to determine the date that you would need to issue a Purchase Order by in order to have the quantity of that Item delivered by the Supplier to satisfy a shortage in the Schedule.

3. Define your Assembly and Component Lead Days.

  • On the Bill of Material | Header Tab the Assembly Lead field tells the Schedule how many days it takes to build this Assembly.

  • On the Materials Tab the Lead (Days) field tells the system what day in the production process that this Item is used in. This is used by the Schedule to determine what date to simulate usage of a particular component.

  • Manufacturing Orders also have a Lead (Days) field on the Materials Tab as well, which is used by the Schedule when it considers MO Material usage.

NOTE: If you use Shop Floor Control and have Operations defined on your Bill of Material we will NOT use the Lead times defined on the Bill of Material. Once a Route is defined for a Bill of Material, the Schedule will use the Route to drive the use of materials in the Schedule.

In this situation you want to ensure that you have set the correct Operation for each component of the Bill of Material (Bill of Material | Materials Tab | Operation No. field).

If you have any questions with regard to fields or settings be sure to hit the F1 key to access the context sensitive MISys Help for detail and contact MISys Technical Support for any clarification. 

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