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"No Disk in Drive" Message when integrating with QuickBooks


When integrating with QuickBooks, you receive an error "No Disk" or "Windows- No Disk" with something similar to: "Windows - no disk Exception Processing Message c0000013 Parameters 75b6bf9c 4 75b6bf9c 75b6bf9c". You can then click OK a certain number of times and continue processing.

This message is an operating system error and while it's not harmful, the frequency can be bothersome when processing.

This behavior is a result of the Operating system trying to either get a listing of drives or attempting to read from a drive that is either unreadable or is unavailable. This is typically from removable devices (DVD, CD, ZIP, USB Thumb drive).

While it’s not clear what specifically causes the condition for this message to pop up, it does seem to be related to system updates and program installation. One of the following methods should allow you to  get you past it:

NOTE: Contact your System Administrator and review these steps before continuing.

Change your drive letter assignments

Drive C needs to be the hard drive. This should usually be the case in a business environment, however, make sure it’s true in your environment. 

Verify that your removable drives or removable media drives are already connected to your computer (they don't need to have media in them). Verfiy that any thumb drives or USB drives are in their usual port.

Open Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Computer Management. Under the Storage node is Disk Management (do not use the listing in the top right hand quarter, you want to use the bottom right hand quarter). Look for the first drive that says "Removable media" and No media". Right click their name and then pick "Change Drive Letters and Paths".

  1.   Click Change.

  2.   In the dropdown list, pick a different drive letter (use one near the end of the alphabet like Z).

  3.   Click OK to save the changed assignment.

  4.   Repeat for all the other removable drives which have no media in them.

  5.   Do the same even for a card slot/drive that does have a card in it (if it does), just in case.

  6.   Obviously each one must have a different letter.

  7.   Reboot and try the integration again.

If you succeed, you can continue to shuffle the drives to choose a drive letter more to your liking. However, it may cause the behavior to return.

Close Your Drives Properly 

This behavior can occur if you have used a drive and then removed the media without using the “safe to remove” feature. The computer thinks hardware/media is supposed to be there, but isn’t. So, insert your usual cards/devices and then use the “safe to remove” feature as you move forward.  

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