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How to: Create a backup of your MISys database


You can take a Backup of you company from either the MISys Client or the MISys Server Administration function. 

MISys Client

1. Have all other Users exit the MISys Client programs.

2. Log into the MISys Client | Administration | Housekeeping | Backup Company.

3. Click Proceed.

Once the backup has been performed you will receive a Backup Successful confirmation.

NOTE: Your backup will be located in the Backup Directory defined on your MISys Server in MISys Server Administration on the System Tab.

MISys Server Administration

1. Have all Users Log out of the MISys Client programs. 

2. Go to the Server Machine (where the MISys Server Programs are installed).

3. Log into MISys Server Administration, bring up the Company Tab and highlight your company.

4. Click Backup (the backup of the database will be saved in the Backup Directory defined on the System Tab) or use Backup As to save the Backup to a different location.

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