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How To: Use a shared Custom Report path.


By default MISys looks for Custom Reports to be located in the local ..\MISys\MISys SBM\MISys SBM 6.x Client\reports\custom folder of the workstation. This works well in a single user environment however a shared custom report path can be more desirable in a multi user environment.

MISys provides you with the ability to point to a shared folder on your network which will allow all workstations to access custom reports from one centralized location. To configure MISys to use a shared Custom Reports folder, perform the following:

  1. Create a folder on a shared network volume that all MISys workstations have visibility to.

  2. Log into the MISys Client | Administration | Company Options | General Tab.

  3. Locate the Custom Reports field and browse to the folder you created in Step 1.

  4. Hit tab and click Save.

When you Save your Custom Report path, MISys will create a sub-folder structure under your target folder automatically (of ..\reports\custom and ..reports\usercustom).

All Custom Reports as well as your CustomReportsEng.xml files will go in this ..\reports\custom folder.

Any direct access reports (ODBC) should go in the ..\reports\usercustom folder.

For example:

If you have created a folder on the X:\ drive called MISysReps. Log into the MISys Client | Administration | Company Options and go to the General Tab. In the Custom Reports field browse to X:\MISysReps, hit Tab and click Save.

Custom Report files (.RPT) along with the CustomReportsEng.xml files would then be placed in the X:\MISysReps\reports\custom directory.

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