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How To: Return Quantities on a Purchase Order


The method you should use to process a Return depends on the Status of the Purchase Order Detail in question.

Open Purchase Order Details

The Return can be performed directly from the Purchase Order.

  • Navigate to that Purchase Order and then click on Receive (just as if you were going to receive additional quantities for that Purchase Order Detail).

  • Enter a negative quantity that is equal to however many you'll be Returning the Supplier.

  • Click Receive Checked and it will decrement inventory and update the Purchase Order accordingly.

NOTE: If you have also Invoiced the Quantities and need to back them out to support a Credit Note/Memo, click Invoice from the Purchase Order and then enter a negative quantity and corresponding Invoice Amount and it will be posted to your accounting package as a credit.

Closed PO Details

Once a Purchase Order Detail is Closed you must use a Supplier Transfer to process the Return of quantities.

  • Go into Stock Control | Supplier Transfers | Receive/Return from Supplier.

  • Enter the Item, Location, Supplier, quantity to Return and Price. It's also a good idea to enter a Comment to specify why this is happening and perhaps the Purchase Order Number the transaction pertains to (so it gets recorded to the History).

  • Click Return.

NOTE: If you also had the need to back out an Invoice, the Credit can still be issued from the Closed Purchase Order Detail. See the above NOTE for the steps.

Moving forward

As you move forward with your purchasing process, ideally you want to only Close Purchase Order Details when you're reasonably sure you won't need to Return the Quantity. This will support your ability to handle any Returns that are needed, directly from the Purchase Order Detail.

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