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How to: Utilize the Stock Movement function to capture Stock Quantity on a specific date.


MISys captures the Stock Quantity on a given date through the use of Item Quantity Snapshots that are captured either manually through the Stock Movement Function (MISys | Stock Control | Stock Movement) or automatically at each Period End that is performed.

Manually - Stock Movement

Navigate to MISys | Stock Control | Stock Movement and use the Record function to take a snapshot of the curent Stock Quantities and Item Cost of all your Items at that point in time. Once the Snapshot has been recorded it will make that Date available for the Stock Movement Report.

Automatically - Period End

When you run a Period End process in MISys (MISys | Accounting | Period End) there is selection called Take Inventory Snapshot. By default this option is selected.

With this option selected, the Period End process will automatically take a snapshot of the current Quantities and Item Cost of all your Items. 

Stock Movement Report

The Stock Movement report can be printed by navigating to MISys | Stock Control | Stock Movement | Report. The Finders in the Date parameters will display any dates of available snapshots that you can report from.

TIP: If you have been performing a Period End with any regularity you may find that you have these snapshots available at or around the date you are interested in if the Take Inventory Snapshot option was selected. 

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