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How To: Change the Due Date on an Open Purchase Order Detail


The Due Date for Purchase Order Details is set when you Open the Purchase Order. On occasion you may find that you or your Supplier has the need to shift the Due Date(s) of one or more Purchase Order Details. MISys Manufacturing has an Expedite function to facilitate this.

Expedite Purchase Order Details:

  1. Navigate to the Purchase Order in question (MISys | Purchasing | Purchase Orders | double click your Purchase Order).

  2. Click the Expedite button in the Tool bar located at the top of the Purchase Order form.

  3. Select the Detail you wish to change the Due Date for.

  4. In the Selected Detail Dates section at that bottom of the form, change the Current Due Date to this Detail's new delivery date.

  5. Click on Set to update the Purchase Order detail or use Set All to update them all.

  6. After clicking Set, you'll be prompted whether or not this change was initiated by the Supplier (click Yes or No).

    Clicking Yes will update the Supplier Statistics (Days Late) based on the difference between the new Current Due Date and the Promised Date.

    Clicking No will not update the Supplier Statistics.

  7. Click SAVE to update the PO Details.

If you have further questions or need clarifications of this function, please contact MISys Technical Support.


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