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Sage 300 Interface Error: Invalid Signon information. Make sure you supply the correct User ID and Password.


This error can be caused by a number of different conditions.


Verify that the User and Password specified in the MISys Client | Administration | Company Options | Accounting tab are referencing a valid Sage 300 ERP User Id and that the password is entered correctly.

Verify Login

Make sure that you are able to Log into Sage 300 ERP directly from this machine with the same User and Password you configured in Company Options above.

Verify Sage .NET Libraries

Go into Add/Remove Programs and verify the correct version of the Sage 300 ERP .NET Libraries are installed.

NOTE: If you have multiple versions of the Sage 300 ERP .NET Libraries installed you may want to remove older versions and then uninstall and reinstall just the current version of the .NET Libraries for whatever version of Sage 300 you are running.

Verify the System Path

Click Run and type CMD. From the Command Prompt type path. This will return the System Path. Verify that any reference to Sage 300 ERP is pointing to the most current install. Contact your Sage ERP Administrator for assistance.

If the problem remains, contact MISys Technical Support.

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