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Upgrading Sage 50 US version


Please Note: Before upgrading your Sage 50 US version, be sure to visit our Accounting Integration guide to verify compatibility. This can be found at the following link:

Once you upgrade your Sage 50 US version you may need to update your MISys Manufacturing Company to reflect the new version of your Accounting software.

Update your Company Options in MISys: 

  1. Have all Users Log out of MISys.

  2. Log into the MISys Client.

  3. Select Administration | Company Options | Accounting tab.

  4. Browse to the new Path of your Sage 50 US database (if it changed).

  5. Select the new version of your Sage 50 US software from the available drop down.

  6. Save your changes.

After you've saved the change you should be all set to continue processing.

Contact MISys Technical Support if you have any problems.

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