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How to: Set the decimal precision for my Purchase Order form and report.


The Decimal Precision for details on your Purchase Orders (as well as the printed Report) are set within the Currency Code (for the Currency) of the Supplier you've issued the Purchase Order to.

Changing the Decimal Precision for a specific Currency Code:

  1. Make note of the Currency the Supplier (on the Purchase Order) uses.

  2. Go into Accounting | Currency Services | Currency Codes.

  3. Double click the Currency Code in question.

  4. Select the desired precision from the drop down menu in the Decimal Places field.

  5. Save your change.

You'll now find that whenever you create a Purchase Order for a Supplier that uses this Currency Code, you will have the ability to enter price information based on the Decimal Places value you selected above.

NOTE:The Purchase Order Report will also print values based on your new decimal precision (defined for that Currency).

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