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How to: Using your own instance of Microsoft SQL Server


The MISys Manufacturing Installation package provides a base Microsoft SQL Express (2014) installation that is configured for you during the install process.

The MISys programs can also be configured to use your own instance of SQL Server (2008 and newer are all supported). This article discusses the information you will need in order to configure and install MISys to run on your own instance of SQL Serve as well as the general flow and options you need to take during the installation.

Please note that the configuration and installation of Microsoft SQL Server is outside of MISys Technical Support. If you decide to use your own version of Microsoft SQL Server you should consult a qualified Database Administrator or IT professional or have some familiarity with SQL Server prior to installing.

When configuring MISys Manufacturing to use an existing Instance of SQL Server:

Prior to installing the Server component of MISys Manufacturing, you will need to make sure it's set to SQL Authentication or Mixed mode (MISys Manufacturing uses SQL Authentication). Then make note of the SQL Instance Name, the sa or account that has complete Administrator privileges, as well as the password.

When configuring a new SQL Server Instance for MISys Manufacturing:

  1. SQL Server needs to be installed to support SQL Authentication or Mixed (MISys Manufacturing uses SQL Authentication).

  2.  Make note of the SQL Instance Name.

  3.  Make note of the sa or account that has complete Administrator privileges SQL Server is using.

  4.  Make note of the Password for that account.

Once the SQL Instance is configured, you can follow this general process to install MISys to the full version of SQL. This is also discussed in our installation guide found in the link below:

The following link will download the MISys Manufacturing Installation file. Be sure to save this locally to the Server before running the install.

To install MISys and configure it to use your own Instance of SQL Server:

  1. Start the MISys install by right-clicking on the install file and choose “Run as Administrator”.

  2. When presented with Installation options, select Option 3 - Custom Client/Server.

  3. Click Next and be sure to de-select the SQL Express installation from the list of features to install. Then check the Server, Server Administration and the MISys Client programs (we always recommend installing the Client, even on server machines).

  4. After clicking Next you will be prompted to enter the SQL Instance Name and Login parameters (User/Password) for the SQL Instance that MISys will be using.Be sure to use the login parameters you noted above when configuring your SQL Server.

  5. Fill in the form and then proceed with the Installation.

If you have any questions, please contact MISys Technical Support for assistance.

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