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How to: Outside Processing with Shop Floor Control


This article discusses the general flow you can use to handle situations and scenarios where you send an Assembly out for processing (plating, painting, etc...) with the MISys Shop Floor Control module.

MISys Manufacturing has functionality available in our Shop Floor Control module that allows a more efficient utilization of our Outside Process Type Items. This helps automate the production flow in situations where an Assembly is outsourced to have a process performed on it. The general flow you can use is outlined below. 

  1. Create an Outside Process Type Item to reflect the 'process' that's being performed (plating, painting, etc...).

  2. Next create and define a Work Center to reflect stage in production where the Assembly will be sent out to the Supplier to have the outside work performed on it.

  3. On the Resources Tab of the Work Center add a line with a Resource type of Material and select your Outside Process Type Item and enter the appropriate Quantity.

  4. Create a new Purchase Order to the outside Supplier and add this Outside Process Type Item as a Purchase Order Detail and Open the Order.

  5. Revisit the Work Center and navigate to the Resources Tab and select your Purchase Order (in the PO No. field) for this Outside Process Item (located to the far right on the Resources Tab).

  6. For example, a Purchase Order could be created for a quantity of 10,000 of your Outside Process Item (Plating, Painting, etc...)to be performed by the outside Supplier. 

  7. Add a the Work Center you've defined as an Operation to the Routing Tab of any Bills of Material, at the appropriate production step in it's Route.

From this point, as you process production of this Bill of Material through that Operation, the appropriate quantity will be received on the PO referenced for that Work Center Resource, the On Order quantity will be reduced, and the material will be simultaneously dispensed.

Helpful Hints: If you're creating a blanket Purchase Order for your Outside Process Item it can be referenced in the Work Center for that Outside Process Work Center Resource. You can override this Purchase Order by referencing a Purchase Order on a specific Manufacturing Order Operation (Routing Tab) or by specifying a Purchase Order on the Shop Operations form while processing. 

Hit the F1 key from any MISys form to access the MISys help file. Perform a search for Outside Processing Theory to get more information on Outside Processing in MISys, including a detailed example.

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