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Message: "Cannot open the specified Sage 50 CAN database!


This error is normally a result of an incorrect configuration of your Accounting Tab (MISys | Administration | Company Options | Accounting Tab) and/or the Sage 50 Canadian - sysadmin User not having Read/Write access to Third Party applications.
To troubleshoot this error, get all Users out of both MISys and Sage 50 and then perform the following:

  1. Log into Sage 50 as the sysadmin user.

  2. Navigate to Setup | Setup User & Roles...

  3. Enter the password for the sysadmin User.

  4. Highlight the sysadmin User Account and click Modify User.

  5. In the section "Rights with Third Party Products" click the radio button for Read/Write Access.

  6. Click Okay and then Close.

  7. Log into the MISys Manufacturing Client and navigate to Administration | Company Options | Accounting Tab.

  8. Select Sage 50 CAN 2008-2015 and make your integration selections.

  9. Verify that the path to the Sage 50 Company Database is correct.

  10. Use sysadmin and the corresponding password as the "User Name" parameters.

  11. Verify that your selection for the Sage 50 CAN Version is correct.

  12. Click Save.

If you still have problems integrating contact MISys Technical Support for assistance.

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