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How to: Outside Processing without Shop Floor Control


This article discusses 2 different methods you can use to handle outside processing if you do not own the MISys Shop Floor Control module.

NOTE: If you own Shop Floor Control please review the following article -

Method 1
Let's imagine that you send an Item XYZ-01 out to be painted. Eventually, the painted Item will be brought into stock as XYZ-02. You'd like to issue a Purchase Order to the Supplier performing the painting for you, for the XYZ-02s. 

  1. Begin by doing a Reserve Item transfer through Stock Control | Item Transfers | Reserve/Relieve Stock of Item XYZ-01. NOTE:This is done to show that, even though you technically still own them, the XYZ-01s you are sending out for painting are no longer available.

  2. Create a Purchase Order for the same number of XYZ-02s (which is what you will Receive when you get the painted part back from the Supplier).

  3. When the Supplier sends you the painted items, receive the XYZ-02s on the Purchase Order. NOTE:This will increase the number of XYZ-02s in stock and relieve the order. 

  4. Finally, perform a Dispense Reserve Item Transfer (Stock Control | Item Transfer | Dispense/Return Reserve) of the XYZ-01s to reflect the fact that they were consumed.

Method 2
As an alternative, suppose that you want to only issue a Purchase Order to the Supplier for the painting of XYZ-02s. You will need to prepare the following:

  • An additional Item called XYZ-PAINT to represent the painting service you are paying them for.

  • The XYZ-02 would need to be an Assembled type Item and have a Bill of Material defined it which has two details, XYZ-01 and XYZ-PAINT.

Once that is setup the general flow would be:

  1. Perform an Allocate from Stock (Stock Control | Assembly Transfer | Allocate Stock) of the painted part (in our example XYZ-02). NOTE: This will reduce the stock of the unpainted parts XYZ-01 and the XYZ-PAINT by moving them from Stock to WIP.

  2. Create a Purchase Order for the painting service XYZ-PAINT.

    When the Supplier returns the painted Items, Receive the XYZ-PAINT on the Purchase Order. NOTE: This will return the stock of XYZ-PAINT to zero and relieve the order.

  3. Perform an Assemble from WIP (Stock Control | Assembly Transfer | Assemble WIP) of XYZ-02 to reflect the fact that they were produced. NOTE: This will consume the WIP of the XYZ-01 and XYZ-PAINT.

It is always a good idea to create these scenarios in your MISAMPCO test database, and walk through examples using both methods. Once you're comfortable with the process and have a frame of reference with regard to which one will work best for you, set them up in the live data and give it a try.

Contact MISys Technical Support with any questions you have along the way. 

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