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Message: "Input string was not in a correct format"


You can receive this error when logging into the MISys Client program (even from a previously working workstation) if the MAC address registered with your MISys Server has recently changed.

If another MISys Client machine is available, try logging into the MISys Client from a different Workstation and verify whether or not you receive the same message.

If you receive the same message from multiple workstations contact MISys Technical Support or MISys Customer Service (802.457.4600) and ask them to "reset your Hardware Key".

Please note: You will need to have access to the server where the MISys Server Program is installed and have your Company Name and Serial Number handy.

Once your Hardware Key has been reset by MISys, perform the following steps from your server:

  1. Log into the MISys Server Administration function.

  2. Navigate to the Owners Tab.

  3. Click Activate.

Once you have successfully activated, close the MISys Server Administration function and have your Users try logging into the MISys Client again.

If the error changes or the problems continue, contact MISys Technical Support for assistance.

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