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Error: Invalid Input in PO xxx line. Price cannot be changed when the Received quantity is not zero.


This message indicates that you are attempting to change the Price on a Purchase Order Detail where the Received Quantity does not equal the Invoiced Quantity. MISys won't allow you to change the PO Price in this case due to the fact that it would result in an orphan Debit/Credit value in your MISys PO Liability account.

How the system works and why you're getting this message:

When you Receive a quantity on a Purchase Order Detail, MISys uses the Purchase Order Price * the Quantity being Received to drive the Credit value that is booked to the MISys PO Liability Account (defined for the PO Liability Accounting Control).

When you Invoice the Purchase Order Detail, MISys will use the Invoice Quantity (you enter) * Purchase Order Price to Debit that PO Liability Account.

The Invoice Amount entered (at the time of Invoicing) will be used to populate the Bill in your accounting package. 

If MISys were to allow the change of the PO Price on a Purchase Order Detail where the Received Qty does not equal the Invoiced Qty, you would be left with a balance in your MISys PO Liability account.


Back out your Received Qty and then modify the Price of the Purchase Order Detail. You can do this by performing the following:

  1. Highlight the Purchase Order Detail in question.

  2. Click Receive Items and enter a negative quantity for this detail.

  3. Click the Receive Checked button to back out the Received Qty.

At that point you will be able to modify the PO Price and then perform the Receipt again.

Moving forward and alternative thoughts:

If it is at all possible, you should endeavor to update the PO Price prior to Receiving a PO Detail.
Alternatively we allow you to modify the Price at the Close of the PO Detail by changing the Extended Cost of the Purchase Order Detail to reflect what you actually paid for the Item. That value at Close is then used to update the Item cost (based on the Update Recent Cost at setting in the MISys Company Options). So, if you are at a point where you are sure you will not need to Return the Items on the Purchase Order Detail you could consider Closing it and updating the Price on the Close Detail form.

NOTE: Once the PO Detail is Closed you cannot process a Return on this Detail, so you should ensure the quantities in question have passed any internal QA process and it's ready to be Closed before doing so.

Warning: In LIFO and FIFO Costing environments we use the PO Price at the time of the Receipt to update Cost and Cost Buckets for that quantity of the Item. There is no way to adjust the Cost of a Cost Bucket once the Item has been Received. Precision is extremely important in these cost environments and you should verify the PO Price prior to or immediately following your PO Receipt. If the Price is incorrect you should Return the Quantity for that PO Detail, modify the Price and Receive the PO Detail again to ensure you are providing MISys with an accurate Item Cost for the PO Detail.

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