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Intacct Accounting and Transfers to and from Sales


MISys uses a set of unique Transaction Definitions that are defined in Intacct (typically by your Intacct Business Partner). The default configuration of these Transaction Definitions can be found here:

Among other things these transactions define the accounts that are touched when you trigger the transfer of Inventory between MISys and Intacct (through the MISys Transfer to/from Sales transaction).

By default the Intacct Transaction Definitions are suggested to be configured to affect your 1402 and 5000 accounts for the purposes of MISys Sales Transfers. Should you desire to change the accounts that are affected you can do so by editing the MISys Transfer In and MISys Transfer Out Intacct Transaction Definitions (located under Intacct | Inventory Control | Transaction Definitions).

Please note that you should consult with your Cost Accountant before doing so, and thoroughly review the MISys Intacct Special Accounting Details section to become comfortable with the accounting your MISys system will trigger when doing a Transfer to Sales. You can find this by hitting the F1 key from any MISys form to access the MISys Online Help. Then click on the Contents Tab | Integration Guides | Intacct | Special Accounting Details.

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