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How to: Defining Stocking Thresholds for your Items by Location


All of the quantities in MISys are tracked by Item at a specific Location. As such you will find that when printing reports like the Buyer’s Advice report and running functions like the Master Production Schedule, MISys looks at the Location specific values defined for that Item’s Minimum, Reorder and Maximum levels.

Master Files | Items | Stock tab:

Stocking Thresholds are defined in two places on the Stock tab of an Item.

  • In the Defaults section at the top of the tab.

  • In the Locations container at the bottom of the tab (scroll to the right).

The values in the Default Stocking Thresholds are only used as the base values when a new Location detail is created for this Item (in the Locations container at the bottom of the form).

The Location-specific Stocking Thresholds can (and should) be modified to suit this Item at a given Location (where needed).

Minimum – typically represents the lowest quantity in stock you’d ever want to have.

Reorder Level – typically represents the quantity in stock at which point you want to consider ordering more at this Location. Normally this is a value between the Minimum and Maximum values.

Maximum – typically represents the largest quantity in stock that you’d ever want to have at this Location.

Reorder Quantity – represents the typical quantity you’d order at this Location.

The key consideration as you use reports such as Stock Status and Buyer’s Advice, and the Planning functions that include Stock Check and Master Production Schedule, is that they are considering the Location-specific values you’ve defined for these Stocking Thresholds.

For example, let’s say you were to run a Master Production Schedule with a Shortage Basis set to Minimum. MISys uses the Minimum value defined for each Item at each Location, to determine whether or not an Item would be short in that Schedule. The Default values are not considered.

The same is true if you were to print a Stock Status report (Reports | Items) where the Current Stock selection was Less than Minimum. With this selection the report would return all Items where the quantity in Stock at a given Location was less than its Minimum (defined at that Location).

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