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How to: Configuring Assignable User Licenses.


User Licenses are normally allocated to a specific Company Database in MISys Manufacturing. Your total number of User Licenses for that database determines how many concurrent Users can be logged into MISys at a specific point in time.

If you own more than 1 database for your MISys system you can have your User Licenses configured as "Assignable". This makes it so that you can use the MISys Server Administration function to define how many of your Total Maximum User Licenses are allocated to your MISys databases.

Once they are configured as Assignable by our Customer Service department you can control their allocation by doing the following:

  1. Have your Users log out of MISys.

  2. Log into the MISys Server Administration function on your Server machine.

  3. Go to the Licenses Tab and click Update from MISys and click Ok on the prompts you get.

  4. Find the License Row that has a License Type of Users. Just to the right of where it says Users, you'll see the number of User Licenses assigned to that company.

  5. Providing that Assignable checkbox is selected (which it should be), the Number Allowed field is editable for the User Licenses.

  6. Reduce the Number Allowed in the company you want to pull User Licenses from and Increase the Number Allowed in the User License of the Company you want to add them to. NOTE: When you make the changes to these fields make sure that your total number of Assigned User Licenses doesn't exceed the number of users you've purchased.

  7. Click Save and verify the User License allocation is accurate.

  8. Click Apply to All Companies and follow the prompts.

After applying the license change, exit the MISys Server Administration, and have your Users log back in.

NOTE: Contact MISys Customer Service at 802-457-4600 if you'd like to have your User Licenses configured as Assignable.

Contact MISys Technical Support if you need assistance or run into any problems assigning your licenses.

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