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How to: Configure MISys to email your Purchase Orders to a Supplier


NOTE: You must have configured your MISys Client | Administration | Company Options | Email Tab prior to sending any Purchase Orders from MISys. 

Configuring your Email Tab:

NOTE: In most cases you can use your own email client's Account Settings to assist with configuring this tab. If you need assistance with any of these fields you should contact your Internet Service Provider or IT professional. MISys Technical Support does not have access to this information and can be of limited assistance when configuring this tab.

  1. Navigate to MISys Client | Administration | Company Options | and Email Tab.

  2. SMTP Server - the address of the server your Internet Service Provider (ISP) uses to receive email messages you wish to send.

  3. Port - should reference the Port used for the SMTP Server. The default is usually 25.

  4. Enable SSL checkbox - uses the Secure Sockets Layer over Transport Layer Security to provide encryption for secure email transmissions. NOTE: If this is checked, you'll normally need to use a different port for the SMTP Server.  The standard port for using SSL is port 465.

  5. Requires Authentication - Check this box if your ISP requires that email it accepts from you be authenticated.

  6. User and Password fields - these only need to be filled out if you have selected Requires Authentication. Check with your ISP if you're not sure what they are.

  7. From address - recipients of your emails will see this address as the sender.

  8. CC - enter the email address you wish to copy.

  9. BCC - enter the email address you wish to send blind copies to.

  10. Save your configuration.

Once this form has been filled out click the Send Test Email to ensure everything is working properly. If you have any problems sending email you'll want to be in touch with your ISP to verify the settings you've defined on this form.

Define the Supplier’s Email address:

  1. Navigate to Master Files | Suppliers and select the desired Supplier.

  2. Click on the Delivery Tab.

  3. In the Purchase Orders section select Send via Email or Both as your PO Delivery Method (from the available drop down menu).

  4. Enter the email address for the Supplier contact in the PO Recipient’s Email field. NOTE: You can use a semicolon to denote multiple email addresses.

  5. Save your changes.

Once you’ve performed the steps above, when you click the Send PO button from any Purchase Order (issued to this Supplier), your PO will be emailed to them automatically.

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