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Message: "Invalid procedure. Cannot delete open detail line on a purchase order."


This message indicates that you're attempting to delete a Purchase Order Detail that has a Status of Open.

You must close the Purchase Order Detail before it can be deleted.

NOTE: It's important to understand the relationship between the Purchase Order Header and Detail Status before you proceed with closing the Detail you wish to delete.

When you close the last Detail on a Purchase Order, the system will update the Header Status to be Closed. Once the Purchase Order Header Status is set to Closed you can no longer add new details to the Purchase Order.

This leads to a situation where if the Purchase Order Detail you wish to delete is the only or is the last Open Detail on the Purchase Order, you will need to insert a new PO Detail before deleting the desired detail: 

  1. Add new/replacement Purchase Order Detail. 

  2. Save the changes to your Purchase Order.

  3. Close the incorrect Purchase Order Detail and then delete it.

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