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How to: Locating/Setting the Current Revision of your Bills of Material through Import/Export


MISys stores the Current Revision ID of each Bill of Material in the Item Table (in the field MIITEM.revId).

Exporting the Current Revision:

Navigate to Master Files | Items.

  1. Click File | Export.
  2. Select the Item table (and any other tables you may also want).
  3. Examine the field 'revId'.

Setting the Current Revision of your Bills of Material through Import:

Once your Bills of Material (and their Revisions) have been entered into MISys Manufacturing you can set the Current Revision by doing the following:

  1. Start with an Export of your Assembled Type Items.
  2. Update the field MIITEM.revId with the actual Revision ID for each Assembly.
  3. Backup your MISys database.
  4. Navigate to Master Files | Items and click File | Import.
  5. Select your file and process the Import.

If you have any questions regarding this process or run into any errors be sure to contact MISys Technical Support for assistance.

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