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Message: “User is Already Logged in” – after performing a new install/update


This behavior can be exhibited after performing a new MISys install/update while Anti-Virus software was running in the background (specifically Webroot). As a result you may find that one or more of the MISys program files have been quarantined by your Anti-Virus software.

In particular you will get this message if the file called MISys.TableBase.dll is missing from both the MISys Client Install directory (by default C:\Program Files (x86)\MISys\MISys SBM\MISys SBM 6.x Client) and the MISys Server admin directory (by default C:\Program Files (x86)\MISys\MISys SBM\MISys SBM 6.x Server\Server Admin).


  • Check with your System Administrator and attempt to release the file MISys.TableBase.dll from quarantine (along with any other MISys files).
  • Verify that the MISys.TableBase.dll file exists in the following directories:
  • ..\MISys\MISys SBM\MISys SBM 6.x Client
  • ..\MISys\MISys SBM\MISys SBM 6.x Server\Server Admin
  • Moving forward, we'd suggest whitelisting/excluding MISys in your Anti-Virus program to avoid problems with future install/updates.

If you're still unable to log in, contact MISys Technical Support for assistance.


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