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How to: Using Scanners with MISys EXT



  • MISys EXT should work with any Bluetooth – 1D Scanner.
  • Once paired it attaches as a keyboard wedge and works seamlessly.


Once you have paired the scanner with your mobile device, you will have the ability to scan barcodes to fill in the various fields (Item, Location, etc…) on the transfer forms in MISys EXT.

Log into MISys EXT navigate to Settings | Use Bluetooth Scanner and slide the switch to the right to enable. The switch will turn green when Enabled.

iOS vs. Android

On both platforms, the Bluetooth Scanner will generally pair as a generic Bluetooth keyboard device.

Android devices will typically provide for optional keyboard entry with your Bluetooth Scanner. This can come in handy when entering login parameters.

iOS devices do not have optional keyboard entry with all Bluetooth Scanners. In order to use your keyboard, you must temporarily disable Bluetooth on your device to gain access to the keyboard.

For example, likely the only time you'll need to do this is when logging into MISys EXT (where you are required to enter your Company Name, User ID and Password). Without access to the keyboard, you would need to disable Bluetooth on your device, enter the login parameters and then re-enable Bluetooth once you’re logged in.

Alternatively you could create barcodes for the Company Name, User and Password and scan them into each field in order to log in.

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